Press Kit

What is Quickit?

  • Quickit is a mobile app that lets users pay their parking tickets with just a few simple taps. Users avoid late fees. Issuers increase collection rates and reduce time-to-collection. With Quickit, everyone wins!
  • Angel Investment:
    By Forge(x), closed Nov. 2014
  • Available Platforms:
    iOS and Android
  • Expected Launch Date:
    January 31st, 2015
  • Payment Options:
    Credit card or PayPal
  • Services Offered:
    Real-time processing
    Mobile payment processing for cities and universities
    Push notifications of deadlines
    Decreased time-to-collection for municipalities and universities

How does it work?

Ticket Payment as Easy as One, Two, Three


Set up an account, select city and press SCAN or enter your citation number.


Align the barcode on the ticket with the brackets on the screen.


Enter your payment information and press NEXT.


Your ticket is now paid. Share your success to Facebook!

New York City 2013
Parking Statistics

$217 million uncollected parking tickets in 2013!

Why Quickit?
Benefits for Cities and Universities

  • Increase Collection Rates:
    Our technology offers the person cited an easier, more convenient way to pay in a way that reflects how they are used to paying for things already.
  • Reduce time-to-time collection:
    By offering a smart payment process that is congruent with the way people are already paying for things, users will pay quicker. Our proprietary reminder service and simple checkout process keep users engaged like never before in this industry. Currently, a high percentage of people forget about the ticket within minutes of finding it.
  • Enhance processing times:
    In a world where people increasingly want things NOW, batch processing creates a headache for the end user. The 12-24 hour lag time in payment availability puts unnecessary distance between parties. Quickit’s software provides people the ability to pay instantly.
  • Engage users:
    There has never been a line of communication between the issuer of the ticket and the receiver of the ticket. Quickit’s software provides a way for cities & universities to communicate with the ticketed party by way of notifications and emails through the use of data that has never before been collected by the cities.

Benefits for Customers

In the city of Savannah, Quickit’s first target market, a person has only 5 days to pay a parking ticket before incurring a late fee of $12. After 30 days, the fine increases to $29. If you factor in the time it takes for the city to receive a ticket payment by mail, it’s not surprising that many people end up paying nearly double what they originally owed ($27 for a $15 ticket).

In Savannah, after just four unpaid parking tickets, you could receive a boot on your vehicle, rendering it useless.

By using the Quickit mobile app immediately after receiving a ticket, you can avoid those fees and pay your ticket before you’ve even pull away from the curb. Can’t pay right away? No problem! Quickit will send push notifications to your Apple or Android phone to remind you about upcoming deadlines or your new balance. Save your payment information to pay instantly!

Many businesses, such as Fedex and UPS, have begun to factor in parking tickets as simply an expense of doing business.

Make your business day easier: Use Quickit to pay your tickets!

Tristan Steele

Steven Hall
Co-Founder/VP of
Client Development

Clegg Ivey
VP/Platform Development

Jacob Heider
Lead Developer

Who is Quickit?

Tristan and Steven have been researching and working together in the parking industry for three years. They are a been-there-done-that team with real parking industry experience. Indeed, Quickit is not their first startup. It’s not even their first parking industry startup!

With deep backgrounds in professional sales, small business management, and marketing, Tristan and Steven had everything they needed to attract a highly motivated and wildly talented team of technologists. In fact, Quickit’s technical team proudly boasts a cast of successful startup veterans, with combined exits of more than $200 million.

Clegg is a unique combination of technologist entrepreneur, and lawyer. He has been a software developer for 30 years, an IP/antitrust attorney nearly 20 years, and has started more than a half dozen companies in the last 15 years. As an entrepreneur, Clegg’s business plans and pitches have generated more that $100 million in angel and venture capital investment for more than a half dozen startups, most of which have gone on to become cash flow positive and profitable.

Jacob’s engineering background is second to none. Over the course of his career, he has helped build, deploy, test and fix numerous technologies, from insurance modeling software to vast Linux and Windows clusters; from a rural wireless ISP network to global VoIP and IVR datacenters, to developing web applications and founding a router services company.

The Quickit Team features a talented group of developers, designers, and marketeers, including Tracer Spence, successful software entrepreneur with prior startups in the fields of computer monitoring and network management, and Ashlee Perkins, a serial entrepreneur and SCAD-trained artist whose work has been featured on network television.

The Quickit mobile application is here to help

In Savannah, 30% of parking tickets go unpaid. Across the country, that number can be as high as 60%. For decades, most parking management systems have remained constant and primitive. But for those old-school, analog solutions that are both cost-prohibitive and ineffective, time has expired. Today, as new markets emerge, and the use of personal technology for consumers rapidly increases, government and university parking departments must evolve to keep up.