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What is Quickit?

You know the routine.

You come back to your car to find that too-familiar slip of paper on your windshield. Swearing to pay it, you toss it into your backseat, where it sits...and sits...and sits...

Next thing you know, you are looking at what was once a $20 ticket, now up over $100. How will you ever pay it?

Quickit can help.

Using your smartphone and a mobile app, you can take care of that parking ticket instantly, before you even leave your parking space.

Unlike other mobile parking ticket solutions that simply search the city’s website, Quickit works directly with the city’s database to ensure payment that happens as quickly as possible.

Established in 2014, Quickit is currently most active in Savannah, GA, but is under contract with over a dozen other cities and universities to become your new best friend in transportation.

Parking Ticket payment as easy as:


Download the app


Scan the code on your ticket


Get on with your day!
what you get

Main features

Scan, Pay, and Throw Away

Scan your ticket upon receipt for later payment

Android and Apple Support

Available on both the Google Play Store and the Apple iOS store

Push Notifications

Receive messages on your phone to remind you of upcoming due dates

Secure Payment Processing

Reliable merchant processing means your credit card information is safe

Easy-to-use interface

Straightforward design allows for ease of use

Compatible with most cities and universities

If Quickit isn’t already in your city, it will be soon!


Have a question? Need help?

Check here for an answer to your inquiry or click here to contact us.

Quickit is currently available on the Google Play store and the iOS App Store. More platforms to be supported later!
Quickit is free to use with no additional fees.
We’ve got you covered. Please email support@thequickitapp.com for technical help.
Currently, Quickit is available in Savannah, GA, but keep checking back! We have several more cities in the works.
Quickit’s unique payment system allows you to scan your ticket into the app as soon as you receive it, and throw it away. Your ticket will be processed in most cities when the city batches its tickets after 5pm. Quickit’s push notification system will let you know as soon as the payment has gone through!
Quickit is a convenient mobile payment platform, but we don’t issue or overturn parking tickets. Once a ticket is paid through Quickit, any refunds or challenges should be pursued through the city or university that issued the ticket.