For Cities & Universities

In 2011, the city of New York left $259 million
worth of parking tickets uncollected.

Los Angeles collected only 43% of the parking
citations it issued in 2009.

Quickit can help to collect these millions of dollars

By implementing Quickit's services, ticket issuers can:

  • Increase collection rates
    Quickit's technology offers the person cited an easier, more convenient way to pay in a way that reflects how they are used to paying for things already.
  • Reduce time-to-collection
    By offering a smart payment process that is congruent with the way people are already paying for things, users will pay quicker. Our proprietary reminder service and simple checkout process keep users engaged like never before in this industry. Currently, a high percentage of people forget about the ticket within minutes of finding it.
  • Enhance processing times
    In a world where people increasingly want things NOW batch processing creates a headache for the end user. By allowing parkers to scan their parking ticket immediately and arrange payment right away, cities can collect money more quickly.
  • Engage with users
    There has never been a line of communication between the issuer of the ticket and the receiver of the ticket. Quickit's software provides a way for cities & universities to communicate with the ticketed party by way of notifications and emails through the use of data that has never been before collected by the cities.

Quickit can also offer:

  • Analytical data on parking trends
  • Secure processing services for parking tickets
  • Push notifications so parkers never forget when a ticket is due
  • In-browser software for cities to process tickets
  • In-browser functionality for parkers to pay their tickets
  • In-app messaging to be able to better communicate with parkers

By implementing new technology, the unpleasant chore of paying a parking ticket becomes more "efficient and effective, making life in the city easier..."

— Boston Mayor Marty Walsh

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